I say “THANK GOD FOR TROUBLE” . . . What Say You?

TROUBLE – Trouble – Trouble. That’s what some of you are having.  You may have had so much trouble lately that you you’re starting to feel like your middle name is Trouble.  You may say to yourself, “I’ve had trouble all my life”.  Well then, you’ll be able to identify with a man in the Bible named Jacob…He was born fighting.  All his life he knew nothing but trouble.   David was another one who was well acquainted with trouble and even though he’d had all that trouble, he still wrote, “I will HOPE continually and yet praise thee more and more.” Psalm 71:14.

Job declared that man is born for trouble (Job 14:1) and I say “Thank God for trouble”!  Some of the greatest times I’ve ever had with Jesus were times when I lost a loved one or faced a difficult trial.  Those were the times He was nearest and dearest to me. With each trial I’ve faced, I have to say, “I’ve found Peace in the Valley”.


The Bible says, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”  (I Thes. 5:18). One of the greatest victories a child of God can have is when God gives you victory right in the middle of your trouble, when He says, “I will spread a table for you in the presence of your enemies.”  Hallelujah!  Thank God for your troubles!  If you never had any problems, how would you know that God could solve them

Going back to the Word of God, notice when the Spirit of the Lord departed from King Saul, the Bible says, “…an evil spirit from the Lord troubled him.”   Notice where God says that evil spirit came from…not from the devil…from the Lord.  And it troubled him.  Here was an evil spirit that troubled this backslider, and it came with permission from the presence of God.  If you’re having trouble, could it be God’s allowing the devil to trouble you by His divine permission?  He will let you walk through the “Valley of the shadow of death” and not fear, because His rod and staff comfort you.  Thank God for trouble…The Word of God says, “In all things give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you.” 

I’m reminded of a revival I had in Chicago.  One night in that revival I was preaching about Job and all of the troubles he had to face in his life.  There was a little woman in the congregation that night that caught the vision of what I was preaching about and received the revelation that she needed to  thank God for her troubles!  All of a sudden, her faith began to build.  Talk about trouble, she was in right smack dab in the middle of TROUBLE!  Sometimes when it rains, it pours!

During that service, that woman felt led to make a $100 pledge dedicating it to this ministry and believing God for a special miracle in the midst of all her troubles.  The next morning she ran to catch the bus for an important appointment.  As she was running, she fell down, sprained her ankle, and ended up missing the bus.  Now she could have just sat there on the ground and given in to that old familiar feeling of disappointment and dispair.  Remember, there was “Trouble” all around her.  She could have thought to herself, “Of course I’d miss this appointment that’s so important.  Nothing ever goes right for me anyway”; but NO…She picked herself up off the ground and put her hand up to heaven and said, “Thank you, Jesus, for all my trouble”. 


It pays to thank God in the midst of your trouble!  The morning after this woman had fallen down the bus, the Chicago Newspaper ran an article about her.  The article talked about how that the very bus she had missed and was supossed to be on, had caught fire just a few blocks down the road and everyone that was in the bus got burned! 

Did she have trouble?  Yes!  Did God allow trouble to come her way?  Yes!  Did her trouble end up being a blessing?  Yes, it ended up being a great blessing…a life-saving blessing!  God protected her from burning up in that bus.  He allowed trouble to come her way, but then…He TURNED IT AROUND FOR GOOD…HE REVERSED THE DECISION!  She was blessed instead of burned!

I say, “Thank God for trouble…It could be a blessing in disguise.”    WHAT SAY YOU? 


2 comments on “I say “THANK GOD FOR TROUBLE” . . . What Say You?

  1. Ella Churchill says:

    I say Thank God For Trouble, He always uses it for our Good. Through watching you on TV I have already received healings through your Green Prosperity Hankie as my touch point. I am so elated to see you on here, my own Facebook page

  2. You’re right! The enemy thinks that he can destroy us when trouble comes our way, but he just never learns that God always turns it around for our good…HE REVERSES THE DECISION! What the devil meant to hurt us actually gets turned around and becomes the very thing that ends up helping us! Praise the Lord!

    Thank God for your healing! If you don’t mind sharing it on here, I’d love to hear more about it.

    And remember…God has something better for YOU!

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